Guangdong Yueshou New Techonlogy Co.,Ltd.

Guangdong Yueshou New Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading professional supplier of refining, chemical and refined oil additives in the domestic industry. The company was founded in March 2002, the registered capital of 100 million yuan, mainly engaged in the petrochemical additives, catalysts, additives, environmental protection materials and chemicals and other products research and development, production and sales.

After more than 20 years of cooperation and innovation, the company now has an experienced management team, a highly enterprising professional marketing team, a senior technology research and development team and a field technical service engineer team, committed to improving product quality and operation quality in the process of refining and ethylene technology, tracking and monitoring the whole process. To provide users with a full range of industry solutions.

The company has entered the list of enterprises cultivated by the "Specialized and Special New" private enterprise promotion Plan of Guangdong Province. In the future, the company will grasp the development opportunities of the petrochemical additives market, keep up with the pace of national development, implement the "specialized and special new", and improve all aspects of business expansion, technological innovation, personnel training, information construction and company management, shape the characteristics of the company, and enhance the core competitiveness. Promote the upgrading of enterprises and enter a new stage of construction.

The main products of the company include:

◆ Oil refining process additives

Atmospheric and vacuum equipment: crude oil pretreatment agent, demulsifier, decalcifier, desalting agent, reverse phase demulsifier, low temperature corrosion inhibitor, neutralizing corrosion inhibitor, neutralizing agent, high temperature corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor

Hydrocracking device: corrosion inhibitor, neutralizer, high pressure air cooling corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor

Continuous reforming: corrosion inhibitor

Coking, catalytic cracking unit: defoamer, corrosion inhibitor, reverse phase demulsifier, strengthening additives, oil slurry scale inhibitor, oil slurry deashing agent, passivation agent

◆ Oil pipeline

Crude oil drag reducer, product oil drag reducer

◆ Oil additives

Diesel additives: cetane number improver, anti-wear agent, reducing point agent

◆ Chemical process additives

Ethylene cracker: inhibitor, dispersant, demulsifier, corrosion inhibitor, neutralizer, scale inhibitor, butter inhibitor, antioxidant, chemical cleaning agent

Gasoline hydrogenation unit: inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, neutralizer

Butadiene device: inhibitor, dispersant, chemical cleaning agent

Styrene device: inhibitor, dispersant, corrosion inhibitor

Acrylonitrile device: inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, dispersant, defoamer

In recent years, the company's refining additives, ethylene additives, oil pipeline additives, oil product additives and other products have been used in many large refining and chemical enterprises, such as Sinopec, petrochina, CNOOC, Sinochem, Zhejiang Petrochemical, Shenghong Petrochemical, Hengli Petrochemical and so on, and have achieved good results and economic benefits.

Adhering to the corporate culture concept of "honest and trustworthy, win-win cooperation, innovative development", the company practices the quality-oriented service basis, takes scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, constantly enhances the core competitiveness of the enterprise, strengthens the research and development and production in the field of chemical industry, realizes the steady growth of operating income and profit, and achieves mutual benefit and win-win situation.

The growth has exceeded 10% for five consecutive years
The annual turnover exceeds 300 million
More than 30 service outlets
Serve customers
Go through trials and hardships/strive for progress


Leading domestic petrochemical auxiliary service provider

Leading domestic petrochemical technology service provider